No God But Funny Contest

Contribute to the downfall of civilization by writing a sitcom and/or producing a webisode that features a likeable atheist.

You made us Laugh!

But the writing team of RACHEL LEWIS and DANIEL BEECHER made us laugh the most in the teleplay category with THANK GOD I'M ATHEIST. They share the $15,000 prize, and their teleplay will have an upcoming "table read" at the Center For Inquiry in Los Angeles. Congratulations, Rachel and Daniel!

And the award for best webisode goes to JOHN DARDIS of Los Angeles, CA. John's great webisode EARTH ANGEL blew our judges away. John gets $25,000, and his winning webisode will be screened Wednesday 8/26 at 7:30 pm at the Center For Inquiry,
4773 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90027.
See for more details. 

Win One or Both Cash Prizes!

$15,000 for Best Sitcom Teleplay
$25,000 for the Best Webisode

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Contest ran from 12-21-2014 to 5-15-2015.

Stay tuned for future contests!

Teleplay Category

Original Teleplay. A writer's contest seeking a half hour teleplay for a TV sitcom pilot (i.e., 22 minutes of running time) and an outline of eleven more episodes.

Webisode Category

Original Webisode. A producer's contest seeking a produced webisode for the internet with at least one completed short webisode (seven to twelve minutes) and a synopsis of a season of another eleven webisodes.


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